Dancing Dog Productions

A boutique agency specializing in Canadian fiction.

What kind of submissions do we accept?

Dancing Dog Productions accepts email queries only.  This query should be a one page letter summarizing your project, and why you feel Dancing Dog Productions would serve you best. If we think that our agency is a good fit for you, we will contact you to request sample chapters from your manuscript. 

(You may address your letter to Ms. K.D. Wolfram.)

What should your query letter include?

A query letter generally includes three paragraphs:

  1. The Hook: This is a one line summary of the main idea of your novel.
  2. The Synopsis: This is your book's plot distilled down to one paragraph.
  3. Your Biography: This is a paragraph telling us why you are the best person to write this novel, and why we should represent you.

All finished?  Submit your query with our CONTACT form.

*Note: Gimmicks do not work.  If your project cannot stand on its own you should probably return to the drawing board.  If you are unsure how to sell your book, there are many excellent articles / posts on writing query letters.  Check them out for ideas.